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Please take into account thet despite all care it is possible, even rather probable, that mistakes have slipped in. Therefore we don't take responsability for the correctness of the data.

When we do not know the exact day of birth, we estimated it from the marriage date. Assumption: age at marriage at least 20 to 25 years (majority with 24 years).

Also, there are certainly persons that appear twice (or even more often) if we could not assert their itdentity properly. But merging them later is easier than splitting them up.


Some data we did not collect ourselves but got them from other researchers. In this case, those are indicated as "Informant". For contacts see the FAQ.


If you want to use information from our data for your private purposes, you should verify them again. In case you locate mistakes, we would appreciate a message.


This family tree was last updated on November 30, 2019.

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Suche Vornamen - Given names searches
Thursday, August 17, 2017 8:25 AM

Um eine leichtere Suche zu gewährleisten und da die Schreibweisen früher oft unterschiedlich waren, haben wir Vornamen "standardisiert": Joseph -> Josef, Carl -> Karl, Catharina -> Katharina, ...


To enable easier searching and because often the spelling was different, we have "standardized" some names: Joseph -> Josef, Carl -> Karl, Catharina -> Katharina, ...

Namen suchen - search for names
Thursday, August 17, 2017 8:24 AM

Es gibt oft verschiedene Schreibweisen für den gleichen Namen, abhängig von Zeit und Ort. Suchen Sie daher auch nach Varianten, z.B. Garreis - Gareis - Garreyß - Garayß - Goreis, Schamitz - Schametz - Schamötz, Blechl - Blechel - Plöchl, Hochrainer - Hohrainer - Hochrenner - Horaner, Marschik - Maržik, Goblirsch - Goblirž,  ...


Often there are different spellings of the same name, depending on time and place. Look also for variants, e.g. Garreis - Gareis - Garreyß - Garayß - Goreis, Schamitz - Schametz - Schamötz, Blechl - Blechel - Plöchl, Hochrainer - Hohrainer - Hochrenner - Horaner,  Marschik - Maržik, Goblirsch - Goblirž, ...

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